What to do in Pisco Elqui

Pisco Elqui offers various options to enjoy your stay here and explore the Elqui Valley - sports, observation of the skies, natural healing and more.

  • Open Air activities
    There are agencies offering tours by vehicle, by bike, trekking or on horseback.
  • Astronomy
    Enjoy the world's clearest skies ... we have various observatories in the region:
    Mamalluca - the biggest one, in Vicuña (aprox. 50 kms)
    Cielo Sur in Alcohuaz (abt. 15 kms)
    Cancana in Cochiguaz (abt. 25 kms).
  • Bike rental
    In Pisco Elqui are shops/agencies offering bike rental or guided tours.
  • Massages / Tarot or Reiki Sessions / Meditation
    Available in the village of Pisco Elqui.
  • Night life
    There are various restaurants and bars in Pisco Elqui - enjoy Chiles national drink, the "Pisco Sour"!